Program Faculty & Staff

Portrait of Professor Kristen Stilt.
Kristen Stilt – Faculty Director
Black and white portrait of Chris Green.
Chris Green – Executive Director
Portrait of Ceallaigh Reddy.
Ceallaigh Reddy – Program Administrator







Portrait of Sarah Pickering
Sarah Pickering  Communications Manager 
Ann Linder – Research Fellow

Clinic Faculty & Staff

Portrait of Katherine Meyer.
Katherine Meyer – Clinic Director, Visiting Assistant Clinical Professor
Portrait of Nicole Negowetti.
Nicole Negowetti – Clinical Instructor
Kate Barnekow – Clinical Fellowl


Omar Farahat – Visiting Fellow
Portrait of Amy Fitzgerald, Visting Fellow.
Amy Fitzgerald – Visiting Fellow
Portrait of Helen Harwatt, Farmed Animal Law & Policy Fellow.
Helen Harwatt – Food & Climate Policy Fellow







Portrait of Steve Niemi, Visiting Fellow.
Steve Niemi – Visiting Fellow

Former Fellows, Scholars, Researchers, and Staff

Elan Abrell – Farmed Animal Law & Policy Fellow
Hadar Aviram – Visiting Fellow
Charlotte Blattner – Visiting Scholar
Peter Brandt – Farmed Animal Law & Policy Fellow
Alice Di Concetto – Comparative Animal Law Fellow
Jessica Eisen – Graduate Scholar
Matthew Hayek – Farmed Animal Law & Policy Fellow
Katarina Hovden – Visiting Researcher
Nuggehalli Jayashima – Visiting Fellow
Jim Keen – Visiting Fellow
Ann Linder – Legislative Policy Fellow
Jonathan Lovvorn – Lecturer on Law, Policy Director
Christine Parker – Farmed Animal Law & Policy Fellow
Gale Rasin – Visiting Fellow
Saskia Stucki – Visiting Scholar
Steven White – Farmed Animal Law & Policy Fellow
Delcianna Winders – Academic Fellow