Career Opportunities

The field of Animal Law is incredibly varied and evolving every day. Employment opportunities range from engaging in public law impact litigation at not-for-profit animal protection organizations, doing pro bono work at large corporate law firms, working within government agencies, representing individual clients as a sole practitioner, personally prosecuting animal cruelty cases, to directly participating in the legislative process,

Harvard Law School’s dedicated Office of Public Interest Advising is a career services office specializing in public interest law, whose primary goal is to encourage law school students and lawyers to embrace careers that incorporate an ongoing commitment to public service work. They offer guidance for students and alumni from staff and attorney advisers in the field, as well as a wealth of resources for planning a public interest career.

One helpful resource when considering a path in Animal Law is the American Bar Association’s 2013 book:

Careers in Animal Law: Welfare, Protection, and Advocacy

An up to date list of current Animal Law job postings in the field is maintained by the Animal Legal Defense Fund :

Animal Law Employment Opportunities

The Animal Legal Defense Fund also produces this annual Career Guide :

Opportunities in Animal Law