Constitutional Provision

“Article 11. (1) In the following matters legislation is the business of the Federation, execution that of the provinces:


8. Animal protection, to the extent not being in the competence of federal legislation according to other regulations, but with the exception of the exercise of hunting or fishing.”

Federal Constitutional Law of the Republic of Austria: 1 October 1920 (as Amended to Federal Act No. 65/2012 of 25 July 2012) Chapter 1 General Provisions European Union, Part A General Provisions, Art. 11(1)(8) and Art. 11(9) (Austria))

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( Disclaimer: these are not constitutional cases )

• G167/2014 (4 March 2015) V83/2014 ua

Original Case Text

• GZ G74/11 (1 Dezember 2011) V63/11, VFSLG 19568

Original Case Text •  English Translation

• GZ G220/06 (18 June 2007) VfSlg 18150

Original Case Text

• GZ G73/05 (7 Dezember 2005) VFSLG.17731

Original Case Text •  English Translation


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