Constitutional Provision

“Mindful also of its responsibility toward future generations, the state shall protect the natural foundations of life and animals by legislation and, in accordance with law and justice, by executive and judicial action, all within the framework of the constitutional order.”

Basic Law of the Republic of Germany, Part. II, Art. 20a

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• 1 BvR 1864/14 (8 December 2015)

Case Summary  •  Original Case Text  •  English Translation

• 2 BvF 1/07 (12 October 2010)

Case Summary  •  Original Case Text  •  English Translation

• 1 BvR 2186/06 (3 July 2007)

Case Summary  •  Original Case Text  •  English Translation

• 1 BvR 1778/01 (16 March 2004)

Case Summary  •  Original Case Text  •  English Translation


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