Chris Green, Executive Director

Chris Green
Chris Green, Executive Director

Chris Green is the first Executive Director of the Animal Law & Policy Program. Chris is an alumnus of Harvard Law School and as a student won First Prize at the inaugural National Animal Law Competition, an event he now regularly judges. Chris took the first Animal Rights Law class ever offered by HLS, and in conjunction with that course, spent two years developing his own scholarship, writing The Future of Veterinary Malpractice Liability in the Care of Companion Animals, published in the 10th Anniversary Issue of the Animal Law Review.

Chris then worked closely with his HLS instructor Steven Wise on the pioneering law review article applying habeas corpus to chimpanzees that helped establish the theoretical underpinnings for the current work of the Nonhuman Rights Project. Most recently, Chris spent two years as the first Director of Legislative Affairs for the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and he’s the immediate past-Chair of the American Bar Association’s TIPS Animal Law Committee. In those capacities he persuaded the top three U.S. airlines to stop transporting endangered animal hunting trophies, helped defeat Ag-Gag legislation in several states, and successfully passed an ABA resolution recommending that all U.S. legislative bodies outlaw the possession of dangerous wild animals.

Chris has served on the Board of the National Center for Animal Law, was an adviser to the National Canine Research Council, and is a member of the National Sheriffs’ Association’s Coalition on Violence Against Animals, the American Veterinary Medical Law Association, and the Illinois Farm Bureau. Chris has consulted on animal legal issues for CNN, CBS, NBC, NPR, Headline News, The Atlantic, Harper’s, Huffington Post, Bloomberg, Fortune, Smart Money Magazine, Science Magazine, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune & San Francisco Chronicle. Chris created the Environmental Science degree program at the University of Illinois, currently owns and manages a farm that has remained in his family for 179 straight years, and also spent several decades working in the fine arts, film and music industries.

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