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October 06, 2021 Program Amid scandals, Columbus Zoo ‘shocked’ by losing accreditation

Carney Anne Nasser, who was featured in the film and is a research fellow with Harvard's Animal Law & Policy Program, said: "The AZA and the Columbus Zoo are taking necessary first steps to ensure that they and their colleagues in the zoological community are no longer participants in exploitation in the name of conservation, but it is up to us as consumers and donors to hold our institutions to a higher standard and ensure that the exploitation depicted in 'The Conservation Game'.

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October 06, 2021 Clinic, Program Columbus Zoo loses accreditation over animal program, leadership issues, but plans appeal

AZA accreditation remains "the gold standard for zoological institutions in the United States," said Carney Anne Nasser, who was featured in "The Conservation Game" and is a research fellow with Harvard University's Animal Law & Policy Program.

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October 05, 2021 Clinic, Program As some species dwindle, tough choices multiply

Carney Anne Nasser, a research fellow at Harvard Law School's Animal Law & Policy Program, noted that some state lawmakers have become so fed up with the lack of federal action in recent years that they have introduced bills to extend protections in their state, regardless of what federal regulators decide. “After an administration that had an all-out war on wildlife, we have to take meaningful action to right the ship, so we can prevent future species from being removed from the list because of extinction," she said. “We should have full confidence that these decisions are being made with the best available scientific evidence, and that economics and politics aren't interfering."

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October 05, 2021 What Should We Call Lab Meat? (Probably Not “Lab Meat.”)

It’s real meat, biologically speaking, not a plant-based imitation. But it didn’t come from a living, breathing animal. The words used to brand it could make all the difference—just ask GMO producers, says Visiting Fellow Jan Dutkiewicz.