April 16, 2021 Speaking for Animals

As she approaches graduation, Harvard Law School student Elizabeth MeLampy J.D. '21 writes writes about her work with the Animal Law & Policy Clinic.

April 13, 2021 Exclusive Q&A with the director of GUNDA

Animal Law & Policy Program Executive Director Chris Green in conversation with Victor Kossakovsky director of GUNDA, which opens in theaters this Friday (April 16).

March 20, 2021 Rights of Nature, Rights of Animals

The fields of animal law and environmental law have an uneasy relationship. At a basic level, they are intertwined by the fundamental observation that animals, human and nonhuman, exist in the environment.

March 17, 2021 Want Carbon-Neutral Cows? Algae Isn’t the Answer

Visiting Fellow Jan Dutkiewicz and former fellow Matt Hayek explain "why algae isn’t going to save us or our hamburgers".