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11/08/19: Listen to Leah Garcés, President of Mercy for Animals, speaking about her fight for better treatment of farmed animals, as she works with farmers, suppliers and restaurant chains to end factory farming for good.
YouTube: “GRILLED: Turning Adversaries into Allies to Change the Chicken Industry.


11/6/19:  Read the Boston Globe’s coverage of the first lawsuit filed by our Animal Law & Policy Clinic. “We are bringing this case to compel the USDA to put in place clear, enforceable laws that will ease the burden of suffering on non-human primates, some of our closest relatives in the animal kingdom,” said Brett Richey, a Harvard Law School student who helped file the lawsuit with fellow student Boanne Wassink on behalf of the Animal Law & Policy Clinic.
Boston Globe: Animal welfare groups sue government over treatment of research primates
Harvard Crimson: Harvard Law Clinic Aids Animal Welare Groups’ Lawsuit Against USDA
Read the media release


10/09/19: Listen to Ralph Nader talk to Harvard Animal Law & Policy Clinic and Harvard Animal Law Society about the importance of public interest advocacy, and particularly advocacy on behalf of non-human animals.
YouTube: “Advocating for Non-human Animals? 



9/30/19: Listen to Cass Sunstein’s lecture in which he shares recent research that converges on the conclusion that human beings did not domesticate dogs; dogs domesticated themselves.
YouTube: “Where Do Dogs Come From?  





9/27/19: Read about Harvard Law student and Co-President of the Animal Law Society Gabriel Wildgen’s testimony at a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) public meeting on Friday.
Gabriel Wildgen: Consumers know full well what “soy milk” and “almond milk” mean. 




8/5/19:  Read Harvard Law Today’s coverage of the launch of our new Animal Law & Policy Clinic. The clinic will be led by Visiting Assistant Clinical Professor Katherine Meyer and Clinical Instructor Nicole Negowetti. Recent HLS graduate Kate Barnekow ’19 will be returning to serve as the first Clinical Fellow, and Sarah Pickering will be joining the team as Communications Manager.
Harvard Law Today: Animal Law & Policy Clinic Launches at Harvard Law School



4/22/19:  Read Animal Law & Policy Program Fellow Christine Parker’s new blog on ethical labeling for animal products.
Bill of Health – Petrie-Flom Center: Can Ethical Labelling Make Food Systems Healthy, Sustainable, and Just?


4/3/19:  Read Harvard Law Today’s great coverage of our 2019 Harvard Animal Law Week.
Harvard Law Today: Fifth annual Animal Law Week held at HLS




2/21/19:  Read Animal Law & Policy Program Fellow, Helen Harwatt, quoted in this New York Times Climate Fwd feature.
New York Times – Climate Fwd. : Meat Is a Big Climate Issue. What About Dairy?



1/22/19:  Read Animal Law & Policy Program Fellow, Helen Harwatt, quoted in this Time Magazine feature on healthier alternatives to beef.
TIME6 High-Protein Foods That Are Healthier Than Beef



1/18/19:  Listen to the Animal Law & Policy Program’s Faculty Director, Kristen Stilt, discuss her research on animal welfare and religious slaughter on the latest episode of the Our Hen House Podcast.  The topic is the subject of her forthcoming book, Halal Animals.  The interview starts at the 18:00 minute mark.


1/11/19:  Read this in-depth Vox article on Ag-Gag in the wake of Iowa’s Ag-Gag law being struck down as unconstitutional in federal court this week––quoting Animal Law & Policy Program Executive Director Chris Green.
Vox: “Ag-gag laws” hide the cruelty of factory farms. Courts are striking them down.


12/18/18:  Read The Economist’s feature on the rapidly evolving global efforts to secure legal rights for non-human animals.  It quotes Animal Law & Policy Program Faculty Director Professor Kristen Stilt and also Steven Wise who taught Harvard Law School’s first Animal Law course.


11/5/18:  Read the Harvard Gazette’s latest feature on the Animal Law & Policy Program.  It highlights our Wildlife Law course and Lecturer on Law Jonathan Lovvorn––explaining the intersectional impacts of many animal protection issues.
Harvard Gazette: Raising the Profile of Animal Law to Match the Stakes


5/31/18:  The Animal Law & Policy Program has released its first formal policy publication, authored by our Legislative Policy Fellow, Ann Linder, with research assistance from several HLS students.

The report analyzes the potential consequences of H.R. 4879, the “Protect Interstate Commerce Act of 2018” also known as the “King Amendment.”  It further compiles an Index of roughly 3,230 state and local laws and regulations that may be impacted by the pending legislation.  You can download the full report here.

Our report already has been referenced in House Congressional hearings on the U.S. Farm Bill and by the following media articles :

The Hill – 5/14/18 : Don’t Let the Farm Bill Overrule State Food Laws

Huffington Post – 5/17/2018 : The Farm Bill Could Be A Huge Blow To Animals
An amendment threatens farm animal protections, food safety laws and rules on invasive species.

Washington Post – 5/18/18 : 6 Things to Watch in the House Farm Bill, from Food-Stamp Work Requirements to School Lunch

USA Today – 5/21/18 : Needlessly Killing Kittens and the ‘Horrible Hundred’

LA Times – 7/7/18 :The Farm Bill Doesn’t Need an Amendment that Helps Let Chickens Be Treated Cruelly

4/13/18:  Read students recount their experiences in Harvard Law Today’s feature on our 2018 ALPP/SALDF Student Animal Law Trip to D.C.
Harvard Law TodayThird Annual Student Animal Law Trip to Washington D.C.  



3/13/18: Read Harvard Law Today’s great coverage of our 2018 Harvard Animal Law Week.
Harvard Law TodayFourth annual Animal Law Week held at HLS




3/1/18:  Listen to the Animal Law & Policy Program’s Faculty Director Kristen Stilt, Executive Director Chris Green, and Policy Director Jonathan Lovvorn give a thorough discussion of the growth and mission of the Program on The Animal Law Podcast



2/27/18:  Read the Boston Globe’s coverage of David Carter’s lecture on “Oppression in the Food System” as part of our 4th Annual Harvard Animal Law Week.
The Boston Globe‘300-pound vegan’ David Carter to talk healthy eating, food deserts at Harvard



10/27/17:  Watch video of ALPP’s panel on The Death of Factory Farming at October’s HLS in the World bicentennial event.




Jonathan Lovvorn portrait

9/15/17:  Read Harvard Law Today‘s article on the appointment of Jonathan Lovvorn as the Harvard Animal Law & Policy Program’s first Policy Director.





9/19/17:  Come join us for the inaugural Animal Law & Policy Program Open House.  Great chance to meet our team of Faculty, Staff & Fellows and learn about all we have planned for the upcoming academic year.





6/2/17:  NPR mentions the Harvard Animal Law & Policy Program in this report about Connecticut becoming the first state to provide animals with court-appointed advocates in abuse and cruelty cases.
National Public RadioIn A First, Connecticut’s Animals Get Advocates In The Courtroom




Harvard Gazette –– Winslow Farm Sanctuary11/2/16:  Read the Harvard Gazette’s feature on the HLS Animal Law & Policy Program discussing our work and highlighting a generous new gift.  It also includes a supportive quote from Harvard Law School Dean Martha Minow addressing farmed animal welfare, as well as one from Harvard University President Drew Faust underscoring the importance of our work on improving animal welfare.
Harvard GazettePutting His Money Where His Mouth Is:  Animal-welfare advocate finds partner in growing Law School program


awaat50-poster-sample-1-v4-font-changes-wo-register8/24/16: Registration Opens for the Conference on The Animal Welfare Act at Fifty

The federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson in 1966. The most comprehensive federal animal protection law, the AWA regulates more than one million animals at more than 15,000 locations across the United States. To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Act, this conference will convene scholars, government officials, representatives from non-governmental organizations, and others to assess the first fifty years of the AWA and consider recommendations for the future. Click here for more details.


Alice Lee HLT5/20/16:  Graduating LL.M. student Alice Lee profiled in Harvard Law Today, discussing her decision to study Animal Law at Harvard: “After two years practicing corporate law in Taiwan following her undergraduate dual degrees in law and biology, she decided that it was time to finally pursue her dream: work to protect animals and the environment.”
Harvard Law Today :
From Practicing Corporate Law to Making the Case for Dolphins: Alice Lee’s Journey


HLS Landing Page Square3/10/16:  Harvard’s Animal Law Week is celebrated in Harvard Law Today, with the Animal Law & Policy Program further showcased on the front page of the Harvard Law School website.
Harvard Law Today :
Focusing on Law and the Treatment of Animals



Harv Mag Cover Cropped2/19/16:  The Harvard Animal Law & Policy Program is featured in the latest March / April issue of Harvard Magazine. The article provides an in-depth look at the broader field of Animal Law, highlighting the Program we are building here at Harvard Law School.
Harvard Magazine :
Are Animals “Things?” The law evolves



KS HLT Photo9/8/15:  Harvard Law Today published the following interview with Professor Kristen Stilt, Faculty Director of the Animal Law & Policy Program, in which she discusses future plans for the Program and how its work relates to her own scholarship.
Harvard Law Today :
Kristen Stilt on the Intersection of Animals, Law, and Religion


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