May 11-12, 2017, the Harvard South Asia Institute, the Harvard Law School Animal Law & Policy Program, and the Harvard Law School Islamic Legal Studies Program: Law and Social Change held a workshop on Animal Agriculture from the Middle East to Asia. The workshop bought together experts to exchange ideas as an initial step toward the goal of a broader collaborative research project.

Participants included:
  • Charlotte Blattner, (Law Faculty, University of Basel) –Tackling Concentrated Animal Agriculture in the Middle East through Standards of Investment, Export Credits, and Trade
  • Lewis Bollard, (Open Philanthropy Project)–Farm Animal Welfare in India: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Max Elder, (Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics) –Taking Stock of Fish Farming in Asia
  • Alisha Gao, (Goethe University) – Modernity in China’s Changing Models of Meat Production
  • Moe Honjo, (Hitotsubashi University School of Law) – Farm Animal in Japanese Legal System – Focusing on Welfare of Laying Hens
  • Nuggehalli Jayasimha, (Humane Society International, India) – Constitutional Protection for Animals: The Jallikattu Experience
  • Tarun Khanna, (Harvard University South Asia Institute and Harvard Business School) – Building Institutions to Foster Rural Cooperation in the Dairy Industry: The Case of India’s Amul
  • Laurent Lambert, (Social & Economic Survey Research Institute, Qatar) – Rise and Fall of the Silo? Paradigmatic Shifts in Gulf Arab States’ Animal Agriculture
  • Peter Li, (University of Houston-Downtown) – Animal Agriculture in China: Regime Stability and the Regulatory Challenge
  • Tatsuya Mitsuda, (Keio University) – Bovine Imperialism: Japanese Livestock, the Threat of Animal Diseases, and the Supply of “Safe” Meat and Cattle in East Asia, c. 1890–1940
  • Clive Phillips, (Centre for Animal Welfare and Ethics, School of Veterinary Science, University of Queensland) – The Changing Pattern of Animal Production and Consumption in Asia and the Middle East
  • Erum Sattar, (Harvard Law School) – Dairy Farming in Pakistan: Transforming Small Farms for Market Efficiency; and Then What?
  • Krithika Srinivasan, (University of Edinburgh) – Meat Cultures in Contemporary India
  • Kristen Stilt, (Harvard Law School Animal Law & Policy Program, and Islamic Legal Studies Program: Law and Social Change) – Trading in Sacrifice