The Animal Law & Policy Program at Harvard Law School hosted the Animal Welfare Act at Fifty conference, accompanied by an academic workshop that gave authors the opportunity to receive scholarly feedback on draft articles related to assessing the first 50 years of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). The participants of the workshop are listed below.

  • Rebecca Huss, Ensuring Effective Tools for a Challenging Task: Amending the Civil Asset Forfeiture and Cost Reimbursement Language of the Animal Welfare Act’s Animal Fighting Venture Provision
  • Paul A. Locke and Alan M. Goldberg, Non-Animal Alternatives for Research and Testing under the Animal Welfare Act: An Assessment and Vision for the Future
  • Justin Marceau, The AWA at 50: Catalyzing Change or Undercutting Animal Rights?
  • Ani B. Satz, Animal Protection and the Myth of AWA Preemption
  • Delcianna Winders, Administrative License Renewal and Due Process under the Animal Welfare Act—A Case Study
  • Jessica Eisen — SJD Candidate and Graduate Scholar, Harvard Law School
  • David Favre — Professor, Michigan State University
  • Justin Marceau — Professor, University of Denver, Sturm College of Law
  • Kristen Stilt — Professor, Harvard Law School
  • Delcianna Winders — Animal Law & Policy Fellow, Harvard Law School