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November 28, 2022, New Avenues for Animal Advocacy

Harvard Law School student Kira Horowitz '24 writes about her experiences with the Animal Law & Policy Clinic.

Kira Horowitz headshotHarvard Law School student Kira Horowitz ’24 reflects on her work with the Animal Law & Policy Clinic in a blog published by The Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs today.

Kira has been vegan for over a decade and grew up surrounded by rescued pitbulls. “As soon as clinical registration opened, I made one of the best decisions of my law school career and signed up for the Clinic’s fall and spring offerings,” she writes.

Kira got to choose between several different projects the Clinic was pursuing. Some focused on traditional litigation, some made use of alternative avenues like submitting petitions for rulemaking, and some did not fit neatly into any category, instead leaving open the possibility for students to brainstorm entirely new strategies.

“After spending just one semester with the Clinic, I can confidently say I would recommend it to anyone who is interested. I am thrilled to continue working on both of my projects next semester and hope to stay with the Clinic as a 3L as well. The education and experience I have received through the Clinic are completely unlike what I have learned in any of my classes and are undoubtedly shaping me into a better lawyer and advocate.”