April 26, 2022‘Animals desperately need advocates to fight for them’

As she approaches graduation, Harvard Law School student Dana Horowitz '22 writes about her experiences with the Animal Law & Policy Clinic.

Headshot of Dana Horowitz '22Harvard Law School student Dana Horowitz ’22 reflects on her work with the Animal Law & Policy Clinic in a blog published by The Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs today.

Dana, is an animal lover who has participated in animal rights activism throughout her life. “The Animal Law & Policy Clinic was thus an obvious choice for me, and after finally enrolling in the clinic for my last semester at HLS, my sole regret is that I am unable to take this clinic again and again,” she writes.

As a 3L about to begin her career as a litigator, she says that she could not be more grateful for the opportunity to put what she learned in the classroom to the test under the supervision of one of the greatest public interest litigators, Professor Meyer.

“One of the best parts of the clinic was getting to hear Professor Meyer’s endless battle stories, which were simultaneously riveting and informative. I not only learned how to act like a litigator, but also how to think like a litigator. I now have notebooks full of strategy tips for how to be as persuasive as possible, how to gain credibility with the Judge, and how to be an effective legal writer.”