Chicken in a cage
Jo-Anne McArthur

February 12, 2020Growth in animal law advocacy

Harvard Law School student Elizabeth MeLampy writes about her litigation externship with Animal Outlook.

During her winter term, Elizabeth MeLampy ’21 began a litigation externship with Animal Outlook (formerly Compassion Over Killing). Animal Outlook is an organization that works to protect farm animals and to challenge the standard industry practices of animal agribusiness. Through undercover investigations, litigation, and consumer and corporate campaigns, they use a variety of advocacy tools to reveal the truth about animal agriculture and promote protections for farm animals.

During her externship, she had the opportunity to research federal agricultural subsidy programs, allowing her to understand how complex and deeply rooted the agricultural exceptionalism is in our society. Elizabeth wrote memoranda on a variety of topics relating to regulations on farm animal raising and slaughter. She even got to write an Op-Ed relating to a recent decision in Kansas striking down an “ag-gag” law that impermissibly restricted investigators’ First Amendment right to record and publish the operations of industrial animal farms.

Read Elizabeth’s full blog on the HLS Clinical and Pro Bono Programs web page.