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February 21, 2020Judge Gale E. Rasin one of America’s Top Ten Animal Defenders

Animal Law & Policy Fellow Judge Gail E. Rasin to be honored during National Justice for Animals Week

Former Animal Law & Policy Visiting Fellow Judge Gale E. Rasin was announced one of America’s Top Ten Animal Defenders by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) today — the list of top prosecutors, law enforcement officials, lawmakers, and others who champion the cause of animal crime victims.

Judge Rasin served on Baltimore City’s trial courts for more than 20 years, and currently presides over the Mental Health Court in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City as senior judge. She has been active with organizations devoted to combating animal abuse and neglect.

In addition to serving on the Baltimore City Mayor’s Anti-Animal Abuse Advisory Commission, Judge Rasin served created judicial training programs on animal cruelty, and has lectured at the annual animal cruelty conference of the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys. In 2019, while she was a Visiting Fellow at Harvard’s Animal Law & Policy Program she she wrote a guide for trial judges on the subject of animal hoarding .

Judge Raisin and nine other animal heroes will be honored during The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s National Justice for Animals Week, Feb. 23–29 – an annual event dedicated to raising public awareness about animal cruelty, how to report it, and how to work within your community to create stronger laws and ensure tough enforcement.