Several beautiful brown hens in a field

October 12, 2022 , Consumer attitudes towards egg production systems and hen welfare across the world

A new study published by our visiting fellow Dr. Michelle Sinclair and co-authors finds that egg consumers around the world want cage-free eggs, produced without suffering.

Beautiful scene of a great dane and a cow with their heads together

August 18, 2022 International perceptions of animals and the importance of their welfare

Most people everywhere care about the welfare of farmed animals according to new cross-cultural research led by ALPP Visiting Fellow Dr. Michelle Sinclair and 14 in-country collaborating co-authors published in Frontiers in Animal Science.

Sheep in a pen at a Chinese facility

May 19, 2022 Opportunities for the Progression of Farm Animal Welfare in China

Recognizing the importance of locally led initiatives, this study by Visiting Fellow Dr. Michelle Sinclair aims to engage the knowledge and perspectives of Chinese leaders in order to identify opportunities to further improve farm animal welfare in China.