Allyson Gambardella pictured with her companion animal Meeko, head to head, both smiling

Allyson Gambardella Vice President

Allyson is a rising 3L born and raised in New York. A lifelong lover of animals and books, Allyson majored in Biology and minored in Creative Writing at the University of Chicago. She was inspired to attend law school by her nearly four years working at an immigration law firm, and she has gravitated towards Animal Law and Environmental Law based on her deep appreciation for the complex connections between animals, ecosystems, and communities. During her time in law school, Allyson has thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Animal Law and Policy Program, both as a student clinician and research assistant for the Animal Law Clinic and as a teaching assistant for the Animal Law course, and she spent the past summer pursuing her passion for biodiversity conservation as a law clerk for the Center for Biological Diversity. Outside of the Animal Law and Policy Program, Allyson is an articles editor for the Harvard Environmental Law Review, and in her free time, she enjoys exploring with Meeko, the world’s best rescue dog.