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Jan Dutkiewicz Visiting Fellow

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Cambridge, MA 02138

Jan Dutkiewicz is a Visiting Fellow at Harvard Law School. He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science and comes to Harvard after Postdoctoral Fellowships at Johns Hopkins University and with the Swiss National Science Foundation. He is a political economist whose research focuses on large-scale conventional meat production and the emergent world of alternative protein. His work examines how business interests, ethical and environmental debates, and consumer behavior both shape and are shaped by the law, policy, and politics, and how this all influences what Americans eat.

While at Harvard, Jan is working on Feed the People!, a book project co-authored with Gabriel Rosenberg at Duke University that envisions a more just and sustainable food system by grappling with the pressing problem of producing food to feed a growing global population in a way that is both feasible at scale and that treats humans, animals, and the environment more ethically. It does so by proposing an ethic of democratic hedonism, or the political principle of providing abundant, accessible pleasure to everyone as the basis for building a better food system and more robust progressive politics.

Jan has published in an interdisciplinary range of academic publications and frequently writes about the politics of food and animals for publications such as The Guardian, Washington Post, The New Republic, Wall Street Journal, Vox, and WIRED. Jan has been a Visiting Fellow at Wesleyan University, the University of California-Santa Barbara, and the Martin School at Oxford University.

Below you can see three articles that are representative of Jan’s work followed by his recent media coverage.

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