Laura Fox headshot

Laura Fox Visiting Fellow

Laura Fox is a practicing litigator working to advance farmed animal interests in the law. As an attorney with the Humane Society of the United States, Laura works to protect farmed animals from the industrialized practices of factory farms, including by reducing extreme confinement practices and challenging their environmental, social, and public health impacts. In this pursuit, a significant aspect of her work involves filing complaints with federal and state agencies, litigating issues arising under various federal statutes, and bringing consumer protection cases and other matters at the state level.

Laura regularly presents her work at conferences and in various media outlets. Presentation topics include environmental, public health, and other societal harms of extreme farmed animal confinement; strategic litigation for protecting farmed animals and human health; animal law in changing federal administrations; the intertwined suffering of pigs and people; and discussions on specific legal challenges.

In addition to her practice, Laura is an Adjunct Professor of Animal Law at George Mason University’s school of law and has taught courses in philosophy and ethics at Northern Virginia Community College. Laura graduated from Vermont Law School with a J.D. and Master of Environmental Law and Policy and holds a master’s in philosophy from George Mason University, where she also earned her B.A. in philosophy.

Living in the Washington, DC area with her husband, Kyle, Laura enjoys kayaking, practicing yoga and mindfulness, moving up the Peloton leaderboard, and listening to true crime podcasts.