12:15-1:15PM ET

WCC 2009 & Zoom

A panel discussion about how animals fare and suffer during armed conflicts closes the ninth annual Animal Law Week at Harvard Law School.

Event Overview

This panel will be moderated by an ALPP Visiting Fellow who recently returned from the Polish-Ukraine border with American photographer Molly Condit who joins the discussion. Joining them will be Przemyslaw Malik of Centaurus Foundation in Poland. Two short videos also will be shown. The first video features animal activist Anastasia Tykha whose shelter Dom Khvostov takes care of animals with disabilities. The second video will be from Ukrainian animal activists Aleksandra Garbar and Aleksandr Titarchuk, who will also join for the Q&A.

This panel is part of the 9th annual Harvard Animal Law Week from Monday, March 20 to Friday, March 24. The event is organized in collaboration with Harvard Law School’s student Animal Law Society. All sessions are open to the public as well the Harvard community, and a free plant-based lunch will be served.

Please pre-register to attend by Zoom.