Film Screenings, Lectures & Panels My Octopus Teacher Panel Discussion 6:30PM

A panel discussion of the Academy Award-winning documentary My Octopus Teacher, moderated by Animal Law & Policy Program Faculty Director Professor Kristen Stilt.

Lectures & Panels Provisioning People and Other Animals Since the 18th Century 12-1:30PM

This webinar explores the interlinked history of food for people and for other animals presages several key features of industrial food and agriculture—from routine uses of laboratory animals as model organisms for human nutrition experiments to the ubiquity of corn and soy derivatives in processed foods formulated for human consumption and as farmed animal fodder.

Lectures & Panels Co-Workers or Living Factories? Biotechnology and the Concept of Animal Labor 12-1:30PM

This webinar, co-sponsored by Harvard's Animal Law & Policy Program, Research for Ethical Speculative Design and Harvard's Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, explores why the concept of animal labour has become popular in critical animal studies and its intention to grasp the role of non-humans in the production process in a way that avoids regarding them as passive objects of human manipulation.

Lectures & Panels From Regulation to Reinvention: An Inside Look at the Evolving Politics of Meat 12-1PM EST

Animal Law Week talk by Sanah Baig, Chief of Staff at the Good Food Institute who recently served as a member of the Biden-Harris USDA transition team.