Film Screenings, Lectures & Panels The Smell of Money Documentary Screening & Lecture 12:15-1:15PM ET & 6PM ET

Jamie Berger, the Writer & Producer of The Smell of Money, an award-winning documentary about North Carolina hog farms and the impacts they have on local communities, the environment, and animals, presents at Animal Law Week 2023.

Lectures & Panels Animal Open Rescue on Trial in Rural America 12:15-1:15PM ET

Attorney and activist Wayne Hsiung presents at the 9th annual Animal Law Week at Harvard Law School.

Lectures & Panels Book Talk – Carceral Logics Human Incarceration and Animal Captivity 21:15PM

Professors Lori Gruen and Justin Marceau discuss their recent edited volume Carceral Logics: Human Incarceration and Animal Captivity.

Lectures & Panels Animal Law Week 2023 12:15PM - 1:15PM (& 6PM MARCH 22)

The 9th annual Harvard Animal Law Week will run from Monday, March 20 to Friday, March 24. The event is organized in collaboration with Harvard Law School's student Animal Law Society. All sessions are open to the public as well the Harvard community, and a free plant-based lunch will be served. We hope that you will join us in person or via Zoom.