Lectures & Panels From Regulation to Reinvention: An Inside Look at the Evolving Politics of Meat 12-1PM EST

Animal Law Week talk by Sanah Baig, Chief of Staff at the Good Food Institute who recently served as a member of the Biden-Harris USDA transition team.

Lectures & Panels Back to The Jungle: The Impact of Covid in Exposing Meat Industry Labor Conditions 12-1PM EST

Animal Law Week talk by Deborah Berkowitz of the National Employment Law Project who formerly served as a senior official at OSHA.

Lectures & Panels AKASHINGA: The Brave Ones 12-1PM EST

Animal Law Week screening of the 13-minute NatGeo documentary about all-female, plant-based ranger teams battling the illegal hunting of elephants in Zimbabwe. A panel discussion will follow including the film's director, an Akashinga ranger, and the founder of the organization.

Lectures & Panels Rewilding as Animal (Human and Nonhuman) Liberation 12-1PM EST

Animal Law Week panel discussion including Jessica Blome, the lead attorney in a lawsuit that alleges the federal government's policy of ignoring the climate crisis violates Americans' right to be free.