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August 22, 2023 Clinic What Really Happened at That Controversial Octopus Farm in Hawaii

According to a statement from Harvard Law School’s Animal Law & Policy Clinic, researchers there have confirmed that “Kanaloa Octopus Farm (KOF) is no longer operating at HOST Park, and the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA) has chosen not to renew its rental agreement.”

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June 28, 2023 Clinic The Case of the Miserable Monkeys and the Apathetic Agency

Katherine Meyer, Director of Harvard Law School’s Animal Law and Policy Clinic, talks about a recent decision in a case handled by the clinic entitled New England Anti Vivisection Society (now known as Rise for Animals v Elizabeth Goldentyre).

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May 21, 2023 Clinic Range War Court Battle Pits Elk Against Cattle at Calif. Public Seashore

When Congress established Point Reyes, it instructed the National Park Service to protect the elk in a "free and wild state" — because they were of "educational, scientific, and esthetic value to the people of the U.S.," noted the environmentalists’ initial lawsuit, which was filed against the National Park Service in 2021 by Harvard Law School’s Animal Law and Policy Clinic.

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May 17, 2023 Clinic ‘The legacy I hope to leave’

And as a student at Harvard Law herself, Tsao has tried to follow the advice she gives others. “My philosophy has always been, ‘let your curiosity lead you.’” Her love of wildlife and the environment motivated her to enroll in the Animal Law & Policy Clinic, where she drafted a petition to the Fish and Wildlife Service on behalf of the Florida manatee, urging that the species be classified as “endangered” rather than simply “threatened.” “These animals have been declining in numbers due to the unprecedented loss of seagrass; it was incredibly rewarding to advocate for these majestic animals,” she says.