May 21, 2023 ALPP Faculty Director Gives Guest Lecture to Greek MA Students

Professor Kristen Stilt gives guest lecture to Greek students studying Animal Welfare, Ethics and the Law

A beautiful chicken free to range

May 19, 2023 , Use of “demonstration farm” videos to affect attitude change toward animal welfare in China

ALPP Visiting Fellow Dr. Michelle Sinclair was a contributing author for a new research paper, which aimed to determine whether the videos affected attitudes and intentions toward animal welfare.

Aerial Overhead Image of a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation and manure pits

May 17, 2023 The Intersectionality of Environmental Injustice, Other Societal Harms, and Farmed Animal Welfare

Former Visiting Fellow Laura Fox's latest publication, which she workshopped during her time with ALPP, explores the profound societal implications of factory farming, including its devastating impact on animal welfare, the environment, and its disproportionate harm on already disenfranchised communities. It argues that farmed animal welfare is a crucial component of environmental justice.

May 17, 2023 ReVista Launch: Animals!

A panel discussion from the ReVista launch of Animals is now live on YouTube featuring Visiting Fellow Macarena Montes Franceschini