Spring 2019 Term

  • April 23: Charlotte Blattner & Odile Ammann, “Animal Agriculture and Farmers’ Rights: A Human Rights Perspective.”
  • April 9: Christine Parker, “Challenging Intense Industrial Animal Farming: Is There a Potential for Holistic Labelling and Certification Standards to Address the Interconnectedness of Human, (Non-Human) Animal and Ecological Wellbeing?”
  • March 26: Helen Harwatt, “Opportunities for Re-Configuring Agricultural Land to Meet Climate Change.”
  • March 12: Paul Waldau, “Law and Other Animals—An Interdisciplinary Approach.”
  • February 26: Matthew Hayek, “Mitigating Climate Change through Plant-Based Dietary Shifts.”
  • February 19: Schuyler Marquez, “The Head and the Heart: Entangled Forms of Authority in the Question of Ethical Slaughter.”

Fall 2018 Term

  • December 12: Matthew Hayek, “Mapping Transformative and Realizable Food Futures.”
  • November 27: Kristen Stilt, “The Unfulfilled Potential of Halal.”
  • November 13: Jeff Sebo, “Effective Animal Advocacy.”
  • October 30: Saskia Stucki, “Elements of a Legal Theory of Animal Rights.”
  • October 16: Raffael Fasel, “Turning of the Tide.”
  • October 2: Kristen Stilt, “The End of the Ritual Bubble.”