May 27, 2021, Commencement Day 2021

Today we celebrate the Class of 2021 and celebrate those graduates who dedicated time to improving the lives of non-human animals during their time at Harvard Law School.

Today we congratulate the Class of 2021 and our Animal Law & Policy Clinic award-winning alumni!

Congratulations to Elizabeth MeLampy (the co-president of our student Animal Law Society) who was honored with Harvard Law School’s Clinical and Pro Bono Outstanding Student Award at today’s virtual Commencement ceremony. Last month, Elizabeth wrote a blog about her time in the Animal Law & Policy Clinic and how it has prepared her for this day.

“Coming to law school, I knew I cared about animals, but I had only a vague idea what “animal law” meant. The fact that HLS had an Animal Law & Policy Program was part of why I chose to attend law school here, but I had no understanding what a practical career would actually look like,” she said. She added: “The Animal Law & Policy Clinic, which I enrolled in my 2L year, has offered me an unparalleled practical and educational experience in the field.”

Andy Stawasz (ALS co-president) also was recognized during the ceremony today for previously winning one of our Animal Law & Policy Writing Prizes, as was Rebecca Garverman who swept both of our writing prizes this year. Rebecca has been very active in the Animal Law Society too and was Research Assistant for the Director of our Animal Law & Policy Clinic, Katherine Meyer.

All three, along with fellow graduates Brett Richey, Michelle Kim and Suzannah Benjamin dedicated many pro bono hours to the Clinic’s work, which gained significant media coverage in our efforts to protect animals. You can also read the Office for Clinical and Pro Bono Programs’ Commencement newsletter.