The Animal Law & Policy Program awards an annual writing prize for the best papers written by Harvard Law School students in the area of Animal Law and Policy, or in a related field addressing a topic that directly pertains to animals (such as Environmental Law, Food Law, International Law). The papers eligible for consideration are ones written during the current academic year, in conjunction with a course, seminar, clinic, or as an independent study project at the Law School. The amount of the prize is $1,000.


ALPP Writing Prize Recipients

2021 - Savannah Bergeron '24

Savannah Bergeron, J.D. 2024

“It’s Not Easy Being Green: The Food and Drug Administration’s Duties Under the National Environmental Policy Act and the Endangered Species Act When Approving New Drugs and Biological Products”

2023 - Asha Anjali Ramakumar ’23

Asha Anjali Ramakumar, J.D. 2023

“Towards Interspecies Reproductive Justice: An Ecofeminist Discursive Analysis Exploring the Parallel Reproductive Commodification of Women and Dairy Cows”

2022 - Eric Macomber ’22

Eric Macomber, J.D. 2022

“Endangered Species Act: Critical Habitat Designation After Weyerhaeuser”

2021 - Rebecca Gaverman ’21

Rebecca Garverman, J.D. 2021

“No More Standing on the Sidelines: Novel Standing Theories to Get Advocacy Groups into Federal Court”

“Invasive Species or Welcome Neighbor? The Hippopota-mess in Colombia”


2020 - Andy Stawasz ’21 & Isabella Ariza LLM ’20

Andy Stawasz ’21

“Correcting the Regulatory State’s Massive Blind Spot: On Valuing Nonhuman Animals in Cost-Benefit Analyses”

Isabella Ariza LLM ’20

“Transition in Colombia: An Opportunity to Repair Animals in Cities and Animals in War”

2019 - Kate Barnekow ’19, Ann Madding ’19, & Charlotte Blattner LLM ’19

Kate Barnekow ’19

“Threatened Species Permits Under the Endangered Species Act: History, Policy, and Challenges”

Ann Madding ’19

“’The Big 5’: Re-evaluating the Role of the Biodiversity Conventions in Protecting the African Elephant”

Charlotte Blattner LLM ’19

“Drafting Principles of Transitional Justice for an Interspecies Society”

2018 - Boyd Garriott ’18 & Danielle Duffield LLM ’18

Boyd Garriott ’18

“Can the FTC Use Rulemaking to Require Disclosure of Farmed Animal Welfare Conditions on Farmed Animal Products?”

Danielle Duffield LLM ’18

“Regulatory Capture, Regulatory Reform, and Animal Welfare in the New Zealand Dairy Industry”

2017 - Greg Muren ’17 & Jessica Eisen SJD ’19

Greg Muren ’17

“A Prospective Analysis of the Regulation of Cultured Meat and Poultry”


Jessica Eisen SJD ’19

“Animals in the Constitutional State”

2016 - Alice Lee LLM ’16

Alice Lee LLM ’16

“Endangered and Entangled: A Comparative Study of the United States’ and Taiwan’s Law on Protection of Endangered Marine Mammals from Bycatch and Entanglement, and Suggestions for Conservation of Taiwan’s Subspecies of Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin (Sousa chinensis taiwanensis)”