Headshot of Dr. Saskia Stucki

January 03, 2023 One Rights: Human and Animal Rights in the Anthropocene

In her new book, former Visiting Scholar Dr. Saskia Stucki provides an in-depth discussion of animal rights as new human rights.

A delicate fragile soybean sprout in the field stretches towards the sun. Agricultural crops in the open field. Selective focus.

December 05, 2022 , Cage egg producers’ perspectives on the adoption of cage-free systems in China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand

A new international study led by Visiting Fellow Dr Michelle Sinclair and former fellow Jayasimha Nuggehalli worked with 224 egg producers in the region to investigate the feasibility of transitioning to cage-free. The results: doable.

Several beautiful brown hens in a field

October 12, 2022 , Consumer attitudes towards egg production systems and hen welfare across the world

A new study published by our visiting fellow Dr. Michelle Sinclair and co-authors finds that egg consumers around the world want cage-free eggs, produced without suffering.