December 11, 2020 The New Republic: The meat industry’s bestiality problem

Visiting Fellow Jan Dutkiewicz explores meat and sex laws in an essay published today illustrated by Sally Deng.

Sheep boarding a long-distance transport ship

October 28, 2020 Guardian exclusive: Livestock ships twice as likely to be lost as cargo vessels

Professor Kristen Stilt, Faculty Director of the Animal Law & Policy Program at Harvard Law School, who is writing a book on the long-distance transport of animals, said: “With the Guardian’s shocking findings… [it’s] time for an open and honest assessment of an industry that has caused one crisis after another."

Visiting Fellows workshop around a table in the program's office

October 27, 2020 Accepting Visiting Fellowship applications

Harvard Law School’s Animal Law & Policy Program is now accepting Visiting Fellowship applications for 2021-2022.

Map representing distribution of carbon in potential vegetation in areas of present-day animal feed croplands and pastures

September 07, 2020 The carbon opportunity cost of animal sourced protein on land

A report by two Harvard's Animal Law & Policy Program fellows says extensive land uses to meet dietary preferences incur a ‘carbon opportunity cost’ given the potential for carbon sequestration through ecosystem restoration